Latest News! 


October 2018

Lots of medium sized buys this month covering a whole range of subjects, plus another consignment of collectables including many antiquarian titles. We've re-stocked with the latest from the Lightmoor Press, we have jigsaw puzzles in every corner (nearly!), a new range of mouldings in our range of ready-made picture frames, so there is plenty of choice in the shop!


September 2018

As promised, we took in a huge collection of quality motoring and Folio Society books, from the collection of the well-know author, the late Ivan Rendall. Many are already in the shop, we will be filtering them in over the coming months, sales have already been brisk! Amongst other buys were the largest collection of Fred Archer books that we have seen, many signed, plus some nice naval books. 


August 2018


A few smaller collections of art and history this month, plus a viewing of a vast library of motoring and Folio Society books! These will be arriving mid-Sept and hitting the shelves towards the end of the month. Some seriously nice titles amongst them! 


July 2018


More collections purchased this month, some very interesting antiquarian titles, now in our glass cabinets. A very interesting collection of bomber command titles, as well as the usual mix of history, art and transport.


June 2018


Despite being on vacation for part of the month, we still purchased a number of large book collections in June! The first buy had some good local topography and art, the second was primarily transport related, huge numbers of books on buses and military vehicles, many are now in the shop and online, a few more still to go! The third and by largest collection was mainly quality art and architecture titles built up over many years. Again, we are part way through pricing and cataloguing, we still have a lot more to do! And these of course are the larger buys, we took in numerous other collections, hence why we have to be so specific about our purchases.


May 2018


A lot going on this month. The main news is that we have a new website! It had to be upgraded to satisfy GDPR requirements, as well as offering future-proofing in its design. There were a few teething problems initially but hopefully things are now sorted! If you do experience any problems, please let us know! There are a few issues still to sort, mainly presentational rather than operational, we will endeavour to deal with these in the coming months.


Lots of buys this month, the year started more slowly than of late but the last 2 months have been very hectic. Highlights are another super motoring collection, mainly pre-1960 so some good titles. A nice collection of literature and history as well as the normal mix of transport and military history. We topped up our jigsaws with a delivery from House of Puzzles, at one point we had every design in their BIG250 and BIG500 ranges, these are ideal for those with impaired sight or dexterity. We always keep a large stock of these puzzles in addition to the standard 500 and 1000 piece standard size jigsaws.


April 2018


Some interesting buys this month, covering most subjects in the shop, the largest collection included some lovely motoring titles, mainly marques, some uncommon books amongst them. Some are now in the shop, some online, and the remainder awaiting a suitable gap on the shelves! 


March 2018


Very busy month on all fronts. Lots of book buys, big collections of aviation books, motoring, art, and at the end of the month, some excellent military titles which will be hitting the shelves in the next week or so. These are in addition to the regular buys over the counter, but please remember to contact us first before bringing books into the shop; we have little storage space and our buyer is only in the shop for a limited time each week. Jigsaw sales are still very healthy, so another delivery from each of our suppliers, House of Puzzles and Ravensburger. Internet sales are brisk, though it is noticeable that overseas orders are stronger than the UK market currently. 


February 2018


Lots of new books this month, a big collection of tractor/commercial vehicle books, some art and antique titles, plus aviation and railway books, all topped up with another delivery of remainders. 


January 2018


Catching our breath after Christmas, we topped up with some more Ravensburger puzzles and re-stocked with some more Lightmore publications.


December 2017


The busiest month of the year for us in the shop, after a slow start we had a very decent month, so many thanks to all of our customers for supporting our High Street! We have been very impressed with railway titles published by Lightmoor Press in Lydney, and given the local interest in their latest book (Gloucester Midland Lines Part 1: North by Neil Parkhouse), we took delivery of a selection of their books early December. A good decision for all concerned, these sold out rapidly and thanks to excellent service from Lightmoor, we restocked again in 48 hours! We will now stock a selection of their books on our shelves, they are very well produced and a number of their titles are already out of print. If you're not familiar with them, pop in and have a browse! We should normally be able to source any of their books within a few days if not in stock.  


November 2017


With an eye on Christmas, we took receipt of a large number of remainders, some excellent titles in our usual subject areas of motoring, aviation, military history and transport. Secondhand purchases included some interesting antiquarian history and travel books, and then a multitude of transport related buys. One large collection came from the library of an historian with a keen interest in Thomas Telford, the great engineers and industrial archaeology, so we've been moving a few shelves around in the shop to make space as they filter in over the next few weeks and months. Jigsaw sales have been very good, another delivery of Ravensburger puzzles came in later in the month. 


October 2017


A really busy month for purchases, 2 huge buys of quality railway titles, in excess of 1500 books, resulting in another change around in the shop to accommodate a proportion at least of these new books. As part of our stock turnover, we use our bargain tables (£3 each, 2 for £5, 5 for £10) as a means of moving on duplicates, slower selling books, there is always a wide range of good quality titles out there (including lots of railway books currently), as our regulars never cease to tell us! Other buys included nice collections of military history and naval books, and latterly, UK history and topography. We also topped up on Ravensburger puzzles, how nice to see that after a dip a few years ago, jigsaws sales are very strong again. 


September 2017


We've been concentrating on working our way through our backstock for the last few weeks, so some big changes of stock on the shelves in the shop, over 40 boxes of new stock in there this month alone. Our latest purchases include a number of customers from whom we buy quite regularly, so more antiquarian and history titles this month. 


August 2017


A number of nice collections of books bought in this month, from antiquarian to aviation, plus the final batch of books from a huge private library of railway books that we've been dealing with over the last 2 years. Our latest delivery of quality remainder titles arrived mid-month, heavily biased as always towards our military history and transport specialisms. There really are some amazing bargains on offer at the moment!


July 2017


A large collection of art, photography, military history and antiquarian books was purchased mid-month, some are now in the shop, together with a few smaller general buys. We've had a minor change of layout at the front of the shop with a table area making it easier to display multi-volume sets and the like, already working well! House of Puzzles have just released their latest designs, BIG500 amd 1000 piece puzzles, these should all be in by the 1st August together with a top-up order, another 70 odd puzzles in total. Included are their limited edition Christmas 2017 designs!


June 2017


More smaller purchases this month, including a nice collection of hunting books, these will be hitting the shelves over the coming months. After a well-earned break in the outer Hebrides, we're back to a very busy spell of cataloguing and sales of our online catalogues. We are slowly progressing through our backstock, but realistically will not be making many new appointments for book buys over the rest of the year, beyond those already in the diary. And can we reiterate please, DO NOT simply turn up in the shop with books for sale unless you have contacted us in advance. Thanks!


May 2017


Smaller purchases of general stock this month, efforts concentrated now on working our way through some 100+ boxes of stock yet to reach the shop! Our new calendar, featuring local scenes by Jayne of Pershore and Bredon Hill is now on sale at £7.99!


April 2017


By the end of the month we're now full to overflowing with stock! More large collections bought in, one on tanks and weaponry, including some nice Schiffer specialist titles. The second part of a huge library from north Worcestershire included books on the English Civil War and a number of antiquarian Warwickshire titles. Realistically we need to work our way through our stock-holding so we'll be largely taking a break from buying currently, though we already have the third and final part of an extensive library of railway books in Buckinghamshire to deal with in the next couple of months. As ever, please get in touch with us over any books you wish to sell, we'll do our best to help and if it isn't something we can deal with ourselves, we can normally offer advice on alternative options.



March 2017


Some more super collections bought in this month, beginning with an extensive library of literature, poetry and biography. A nice collection of mainly WW1 books were quickly followed by the first part of a major library covering history, transport and local history. Another large buy included a vast range of subjects, from antiquarian and art to military history and architecture. Another 200 or so remainder titles are now on the shelves too!


February 2017


Everyone seems to start clearing out their books in February, so a number of bigger buys, including a super collection of Folio Society / topography including much local history. Other buys included motoring and aviation. Jigsaws continue to sell well, the second order from Ravensburger was closely followed by a top-up from House of Puzzles, including all their new releases (mainly BIG250 pieces). We are especially keen to purchase good quality railway books, so let us know if you are looking to sell! We've just placed 2 big orders of quality remainder titles, these should be here by mid-March. 


January 2017


A big order of Ravensburger puzzles sold very quickly, a mixture of 500 & 1000 pieces, so much so that we reordered at the end of the month! A few book collections taken in before we headed off for a well-earned rest - though catching the flu whilst away undid all the good work! 


December 2016 


A busy and successful month for us, a few small book collections purchased, the internet kept us busy through the whole month!   


November 2016


We have been inundated with offers of books throughout the year, this month was no exception. The highlight was a lovely collection of mainly topographical titles, including most of the Pevsner series, numerous county 'Memorials' books plus some good local books, a really interesting set. Another local purchase brought in more local history titles as well as a mixture of transport books. Jayne has been out and about with her camera throughout the year, she captured some super pictures of the deer out on the edge of Bredon Hill near Kersoe and also in Tiddesley Wood, they are now available in the shop! 


October 2016 


We visited a local (ish) bookdealer this month who is winding down towards retirement, and left with a nice collection of mainly canal and bus related titles. We've been fortunate in obtaining some very good books on canals this year, they are generally hard to come by, but we are nicely stocked at present! We bought in a vast collection of quality art books this months, both general reference and also monographs on individual artists, probably the heaviest buy of the year so far!  


September 2016 


Two large collections of aviation and aircraft modelling bought in this month, some very interesting and unusual titles amongst the, they will be in the shop and online over the next few weeks. Another 100+ jigsaws from House of Puzzles on the shelves as we start to think about autumn and Christmas, including their latest limited edition seasonal puzzles.  


August 2016 


Further antiquarian books arrived this month, some on a military theme, an interesting diary going back to the 1850s amongst them, plus some nice topographical volumes. We've been gradually purchasing a huge single collection of railway books over the last 18 months, the final boxes came in this month, some good Wild Swan titles amongst them, many now in our online catalogue. We were fortunate to be offered a superb collection of books covering canals, industrial archaeology and topography, many of these are now in the shop with plenty more to come! We've also taken delivery of more remainder titles, some terrific books amongst them, including one on the TSR2, a must for the aviation enthusiast!